TSUE Webinar Series

| Published: 9th September 2022

TSUEThe webinar series will be organized to disseminate the findings of the USAID’s “Assessment, Analysis and Development of Tools to Strengthen the use of Evidence in Policies and Legislation” (TSUE) project.

  1. Context


Strengthening the use of evidence in Parliaments in Africa: Issues and Pathways

There is growing recognition of the importance of evidence, particularly evidence from monitoring and evaluations, in national decision-making. In this process, parliamentarians and their staff play a crucial role in ensuring that evidence-based approaches are used for strengthening oversight, budgeting limited resources, legislation, capacity building, and policymaking across all sectors. However, experiences, opportunities, and challenges for using evidence to inform legislative and policy-making functions vary across African countries, and there are concerns of the limited use of evidence in Africa that affect impacts of policies and progress. This webinar asks key questions: What is the state of use of evidence among Parliamentarians in Africa? What are the barriers that Parliamentarians face when using evidence to promote equitable and inclusive development? How can evidence support Parliamentarians to be more effective in their oversight and accountability functions? What are the pathways for strengthening the use of evidence among Parliamentarians to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? How can oversight and accountability structures of Parliaments in Africa be strengthened? 

This webinar

This webinar shall be a two-hour session to be held with Parliamentarians, networks, civil society organizations, academics, donor agencies and Parliamentary strengthening organizations.  

Speaker 1: Research report presentation and next steps

Speaker 2: How better can Parliamentarians navigate the challenge of ‘politics and political interests’ and the use of evidence?

Speaker 3: What are the experiences through which evidence use and monitoring and evaluation reports are being promoted to influence legislation and policymaking in Africa?

Speaker 4: What factors limit the effectiveness of oversight and accountability structures of Parliaments in Africa? Can greater attention to access, use and uptake of evidence help to overcome some of these factors?

Date: First week of September


  • Log in and connection to the streaming platform
  • Welcome and acknowledgements:                                                     5 minutes
  • Session 1: Presentation of study findings       (Research team member) 30 minutes
  • Session 2: Panel discussion                30 minutes (5 MINUTES EACH ON GIVEN THEME)
  • Session 2 Open plenary session and Q&A (Moderator)                    30 minutes

Wrap up and next steps                                                                       5 minutes