BIRD-KNUST National Service Personnel equipped with Software Analysis Package

News | Published: 23rd March 2022 Share Tweet

Data processing and analysis are critical to establishing findings to societal problems in order to better inform decision-making and policy directions for societal and national growth as a research department. As a result, on March 1, 2022, national service personnel placed at the Bureau received a one-day training focused on the use of NVIVO software for qualitative data analysis. This was done to train and develop the skills of research assistants so that they could assist with data analysis. Furthermore, it aimed to equip and improve their capacities as a foundation for personal development when their service periods were completed. Dr. Ebenezer Owusu-Addo, the Director of the Bureau, led the training, which was attended by national service personnel posted at the Bureau. As a first step, the personnel were taught the fundamentals of using the software; however, additional sessions will be scheduled to guarantee that they are completely versed in its use.